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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Chalo Mana tumne Wafaon Ke, Mere Sab Nishan Mita Diye!

Chalo Mana tumne Wafaon Ke, Mere Sab Nishan Mita Diye!
Magar Iska Mujhko Yakeen Nahi, Mere Khat Bhi Tumne Jala Diye...!!

Shb-E-Jindgi Ke Andheron Main, Jo Bhatak Rahe Ho To Kya Karun!
Jo Charag Maine Jalaye The, Wo Charag Tumne Bujha Diye...!!  (Mumtaz)

Friday, January 17, 2014

26 January Republic Day Hindi English SMS, Quotes, Shayari, Poetry, Greetings & Wishes

सारे जहाँ से अच्छा, हिन्दोस्तां हमारा
हम बुलबुले हैं इसकी, वो गुलसितां हमारा

पर्वत वो सबसे ऊँचा, हमसाया आसमाँ का
वो संतरी हमारा, वो पासवां हमारा, सारे...

गोदी में खेलती हैं, जिसकी हज़ारों नदियां
गुलशन है जिसके दम से, रश्क-ए-जिनां हमारा

मजहब नहीं सिखाता, आपस में बैर रखना
हिन्दी हैं हम वतन हैं, हिन्दोस्तां हमारा, सारे...

Aao jhuk kar salam kare unko,jinke hisse me ye mukam aata hai,
khusnasib hota hai wo khoon jo desh ke kaam aata hai,

Agar Bharat Ko Hai Mahan Banana…
To Bhrashta Netayo Ko Hoga Hatana…
Aur Bhrashtachar Ko Hoga Mitana…
Ye Kisi Ek Se Na Hoga…
Pure Jansamuday Ko Hoga Sath Nibhana…
Jai Hind…Vande Mataram….

Kyun marte ho yaro snam ke liye,
Na degi duppta kfan ke liye,
Marna hai to maro VATAN ke liye,
TIRANGA to mile ga kfan ke liye.
Jai Hind
Happy Republic day

!=- -..@..-=-._;
Jay Hind

Na zuban se,Na nigahon se,
Na dimag se,Na rango se,
Na greeting se,Na gift se,
Aapko Happy Republic Day direct dil se
Happy Republic Day

Mein jahan rahoon
me kahin vbhi rahoon
teri yaad saath hai
kisi se kahoon ya na kahoon jo dil ki baat hai
Tu mere watan mere dil k paas hai.
Happy Republic Day

India Means
I : Indian
N : Not
D : Delay
I : In
A : Action
Happy Republic Day

Our Life Is Full Of Colours…
26th January, 2014 Will Add More Colours To Your Life
Jai Hind….Happy Republic Day

Jaan hai hamari hamara watan
Shaan hai hamari hamara watan
Kurbaniyon se humne payi hai aazadi
Aan hai hamari hamara watan
Happy Republic Day

Buland Bharat ke nikkamme baccho,
valentines/friendship day hota to ab tak 100 sms ho gaye hote.
Come on, it’s a great day.
So wish everybody
Happy Republic Day

Zindagi hai kalpanao ki jang,
kuch to karo iske liye dabaang,
jiyo shaan se bharo umang,
lahrao sabke dil me desh ke liye taranggg.

Happy Republic Day

Remembering all the great men
who stand as the backbone of
this Independent country !!
Spread the Message of Love
and Peace on this Republic Day

31 states,
1618 languages,
6400 castes,
6 ethnic groups,
29 festivals,
Happy Independence/Republic Day.

Saluting all great men
who contributed in building a
Successful constitution
Warma Wishes on the Republic Day
Vande Matram

India holds a very prestigious position
on the world map!!
Let's pledge to take our country to new heights!!
Happy Republic Day

DESH bahkto ki balidaan se,
SWATNATRA huye hai hum..
koi puche kon ho,
to GRAV se kahenge.
Bhartiya hai hum…

Watan hamara misaal mohabbat ki,
Todta hai deewaar nafrat ki,
Meri khush naseebi mili zindagi is chaman mein.
Bhula na sake koi iski khushbu saton janam mein.

Lohri SMS messages, greetings, wishes, quotes Punjabi Shayari

Happy Lohri Vekheya Sadi Yaari

Sawere Sawere Hi Wish Maari
Ehnu Kehnde Ne Hushiari
Hun Wish Karan Di Tuhaadi Hai Vaari

Hauli Hauli saare chadd gye
nawi umar di paudi mithiyaan yaadaan saahmb ke rakhiye,
bhull jaayie gall kahi kaudi gachakk,
mungfali khha khaa rajjiye,
te chabb chabb rajjiye reori

Pher aa Gayi Bhangre d vari,
Lohri Manaun d karo Taiyari,
Agg de kol saare aao,
Sundariye Mundariye jor naal gao!!

Lodi ki vadhaiyaan !

Yaad rakhea kro dil vich saadi,
Bhave rakhea kro thori sohneyo.
Asi tohade nalo pehla wish karni,
Sadde walon happy lohri sohneyo.

Mitha gurh te vich mil gia til, 
uddi ptang te khil geya dil, 
har pal sukh te har din shanti pao,
rab agge dua, tusi “Lohri” khushian naal manao.
Happy Lohri 2014

Mungfli di khushbu te gurh di mithaas,

Makki di roti te sarso da saag,
Dil di khushi te aapneya da pyar,
Mubarak hoye
LOHRI da tyohar 

Sunder mundarie hoy,
Tera kaun vichara hoy,
Dula bhati vala hoy,
Duli di dhi viyai hoy,
Bus bus aa le 1 rupea baki lodi te ayi Happy Lohri.

Sunder mundarie hoy,
tera kaun vichara hoy,
dula bhati vala hoy,
duli di dhi viyai hoy
Bus bus aa le 1 rupea baki lodi te ayi Happy Lohri

Popcorn ki khushbu, Mungfali ki bahar
lohari ka teohar aane ko Tayar
Thodi si masti, Thodasa pyar
ek din pehle o mere yaar,
mubarak ho aapko lohri ka teohar.

Hum aap ke dil me rehte hai,
isliye har gum sehte hai,
koi hum se pehle na keh de aap ko,
isliye 1 din pehle hi aap ko ” HAPPY LORRY “Kehte hai!

Is se pahle k Lohri ki sham ho jaye,
Mera sms auron ki tarha aam ho jaye
Aur sare mobile network jam ho jaye.
Apko lohri ki shubh kamnayen ...

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

India’s Independence Day SMS Shayari Quest Poems In English

On Independence Day.
Here I am wishing,
Our dreams of a new tomorrow come true,
For us…Now And Always!

Happy 15th August
Lets take decision,
To value our nation,
Shall not forget those sacrifices
Who gave us the freedom..
Now its our turn
To have a reformation..

Happy Independence Day wishes 2013
Independence a Precious gift of God.
May We Always Remain Independent Ameen.
A Very Happy Independence Day To You.

~Independence day Poems~
"Is there ought you need that my hands withhold,
Rich gifts of raiment or grain or gold?
Lo ! I have flung to the East and the West
Priceless treasures torn from my breast,
And yielded the sons of my stricken womb
To the drum-beats of the duty, the sabers of doom….."
The Gift of India
- Sarojini Naidu

~Independence day Poems~

"Better than Heaven or Arcadia
I love thee, O my India!
And thy love I shall give
To every brother nation that lives.
God made the Earth;
Man made confining countries
And their fancy-frozen boundaries…"
Swami Yogananda Paramhansa

~Independence day Poems~
If there is one place on the face of earth where all the dreams of living men have found a home from the very earliest days when man began the dream of existence, it is India.

-- Romain Rolland (Roman Scholar)
~Independence day Poems~

India was the motherland of our race, and Sanskrit the mother of Europe's languages: she was the mother of our philosophy; mother, through the Arabs, of much of our mathematics; mother, through the Buddha, of the ideals embodied in Christianity; mother, through the village community, of self-government and democracy. Mother India is in many ways the mother of us all

By: Will Durant (American historian)
~Independence day Poems~

Whenever I have read any part of the Vedas, I have felt that some unearthly and unknown light illuminated me. In the great teaching of the Vedas, there is no touch of sectarianism. It is of all ages, climbs, and nationalities and is the royal road for the attainment of the Great Knowledge. When I read it, I feel that I am under the spangled heavens of a summer night.
By: Henry David Thoreau (American Thinker & Author)

~Independence day Poems~
Bande Mataram
"Mother, I bow to thee!
Rich with thy hurrying streams,
Bright with thy orchard gleams,
Cool with thy winds of delight,
Dark fields waving, Mother of might,
Mother free….."

Original Poem written by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee in Bengali
~Independence day Poems~

My India
"Not where the musk of happiness blows,
Not where darkness and fears never tread;
Not in the homes of perpetual smiles,
Nor in the heaven of a land of prosperity
Would I be born
If I must put on mortal garb once more…"

~Independence day Poems~

We end today a period of ill fortune and India discovers herself again. The achievement we celebrate today is but a step, an opening of opportunity, to the greater triumphs and achievements that await us. Are we brave enough and wise enough to grasp this opportunity and accept the challenge of the future?

Jawaharlal Nehru
~Independence day Poems~

At the dawn of history India started on her unending quest, and trackless centuries are filled with her striving and the grandeur of her success and her failures. Through good and ill fortune alike she has never lost sight of that quest or forgotten the ideals which gave her strength.

Jawaharlal Nehru


~Independence day Poems~

A frail, brown-skinned, bony human,
With sack on head, bent-back, he ran!
The Indian was agonizing!
Tho’ people keep sermonizing!
Fifty years after Independence!
What good was done for the common-man?

- by Dr John Celes

~Independence day Poems~

Happy India’s Independence day Shayari, SMS in Urdu

Aao jhukke salam kare unko jinke,
Hisse me ye mukam aata hai,
Khushnasib hota hai wo khun,
Jo desh ke kaam aata hai.
@Jai hind Jay bharath@

!! Happy Independence Day greetings !!
Azad bharat ke nalayak jawano,
Agar aaj Valentines Day,
Ya Friendship Day hota to inbox full hota,
Chalo jaldi se utho aur sabko wish karo.

Watan Hamara aise na chor paye koi…
Rishta Hamara aise na Tor paaye koi…
Dil hamare ek hai ek hai hamari jaan…
Hindustan hamara hai hum hai iski shaan…
Jaan Luta denge watan pe ho jayenge Qurban…
Isliye Hum kehte hai mera desh mahan..

Independence 2013 wishes

India’s Independence Day Shayari SMS 2013 in Hindi

Rishta Hamara Aise Na Tod Paaye Koi…
Dil Hamare Ek Hai Ek Hai Hamari Jaan…
Hindustan Hamara Hai Hum Hai Iski Shaan…
Jaan Luta Denge Watan Pe Ho Jayenge Qurban…
Isliye Hum Kehte Hai Mera Desh Mahan..
Happy Independence Day

Aao jhuken salaam karen unko jinke, Hisse mein ye mukaam aata hai.
Khushnasib hota hai wo khooon, Jo desh ke kaam aaata hai.
“Jai hind Jai bharat”
“Happy Independence Day 2013“

Watan hamara misal hai mohabbat ki,
todta hai ye deewar nafrat ki,
meri khus nasibi hai ki mili zindagi is chaman mein,
bhula na sake koi iski khusboo saton janam mein,

Happy 2013 Independence Day
Ye baat hawao ko bataye rakhna ,
Roshni hogi chirago ko jalaye rakhna ,
Lahu dekAr jiski hifazat humne ki…
aise TIRANGE ko sada Dil me basaye rakhna….

Happy Indian Independence Day
Ladaa Tha Jo Senaniyon Ki Tarah,
Baadshaah Koi Aesa Nahin Huaa,
Tann Se Juda Ho Gayi Aatmaa,
Magar Talwaar Se Hath Juda Nahin Huaa!
Good Independence day 2013 to you and family
Milte Nahin Jo Haq Who Liye Jaate Hain!
Hain Azaad Hum Par Ghulaam Kiye Jaate Hain!
Un Sipahiyon Ko Shat Shat Naman Karo,
Maut Ke Saaye Mein Jo Jiye Jaate Hain!
                                                  happy independence day 2013